Electronic Imaging Materials

About Electronic Imaging Materials

Founded in 1987, Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. (EIM) is a bar code media and label printing systems provider. Through their website, http://www.barcode-labels.com, EIM sells barcode labels and the hardware/software that scans them to organizations all over the world. Their production facilities make custom and stock labels for pretty much every vertical market including clinical, research, electronics, manufacturing and warehousing. They

About the Project

When EIM came to us, their main struggle was the day to day maintenance of thousands of web pages. Applying a new design seemed a daunting, if not impossible, task. By installing the Drupal content management system, we were able to make adding new pages and editing existing ones a snap for our friends at EIM. We converted a dynamite design from our partners at Communicators Group into a flexible Drupal theme and even integrated EIM's custom e-commerce and sales lead system into the normal Drupal flow.