It's HOW You Deliver That Matters...

So I'm just returning from a 10 day trip to Quebec City with my son's hockey team. It was a fantastic experience with the exception of one thing, the bus company we used. The bus itself (the product) was nice enough. It didn't have electrical outlets or wifi but was plenty for us on this trip. The issue was in the delivery of that product (i.e. the service) that went along with the product. While the driver was quite skilled at navigating the narrow streets of Old Quebec, it was the little things that he neglected to do that left a lasting impression in the families. First, he was late four different times to pick us up through the week. I suppose technically he's not required to handle luggage. However, he couldn't be bothered to even open the storage bays when we needed access. In hindsight, it's a good lesson...he delivered exactly what we paid for but the manner in which he delivered it will likely send us to another carrier next time we're looking for transportation.

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